Sunday, October 27, 2013

HMGS-PSW October War Convention 2013

I had an opportunity yesterday to attend the HMGS Convention. The convention is put on by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, of which I am a member. (Here is a link to their site ) They put on a good show. Miniatures from all eras of history are on display, as players take on the role of generals and captains, trying to either recreate history or change history. I had a great time playing the miniatures game Check Your Six! which is a World War II simulation of air combat. We played an engagement set in the late war pacific theater, where Japanese fighters and US fighters tangled in the skies. All of the players had an enjoyable time sending their opponents planes down in flames.
The second miniatures game that I attended yesterday was from the Check Your Six! Jet Rules. This was my first time playing the Jet version and I wasn't exactly sure what I was in for. The version played similar, but there were a lot of new rules with missiles, radar, and afterburners. I learned however that tactics which work well in the WWII version, don't exactly translate to the Jet version. As the jets move much quicker, and take longer to turn, that made it harder to set up good shots. It was a very enjoyable game, and I'm looking forward to learning the Jet rule set and painting up some jets of my own.

Until next time, Cheers!