Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hobby Day April 11 2015

Here is a report on Hobby Day at the St. Crispins Irregulars which meet in Anaheim. It was a relatively light turn out due to Tabletop Day which claimed a lot of our members at various events. But in other news, I finally got a good chunk of time today to finish up the assembly of my samurai army. Next it will be on to painting. I got the samurai cavalry assembled today which will more than likely go to support one of the clans (until I manage to get more cavalry).

It felt good to finally get back to making some progress on this project. I'm planning on painting Takeda for sure as one of the clans, and I'm still debating as to what I'll paint the other. Possibly Tokogawa, so that I can fight the battle of Mikata-ga-hara. Although I'll need significantly more cavalry.

Figures done:
Ashigaru with Yari (60)
Archers (60)
Arrow Carriers (4)
Samurai with spears or katana (74)
Tai Commanders (9)
Horagi, conch (2)
Lead Commanders (2)
Taiko Drummers with drum (2)
Banner Bearers (5)
Mounted Units (12)

Anyways, until I get to painting, here is just an update and a future goal for this project.
Keep them dice rolling.