Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cold Storm

Ashen sky darker still
clouds gather behind the mill.
Trees begin to shiver,
frost crusts on the river

Sheathed in Snow.
as the winter winds blow.

Branches bending under frost,
bowing to this icy wind.
Leaves circulate as if tossed,
waiting until spring to mend.

Barren trees sit and wait,
until the winter ends of late.
When emerald will clothe every bower,
and the trees again do flower.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chaperon of Winter

Tendrils of azure hair,
ice splintering, stretching wings.
Frozen in time, now awakening
from the prison of ice now freeing.
Tears of ice, the first tears cried
like those of the procession when she died.
Awakening as a girl, a woman, a maiden
stretching her wings as a raven.
Rising to the frozen sky
she will keep it winter, all will cry.