Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Update

This won't be too long of an update, basically letting you know that I am still blogging. I'll try to get this down to a semi-regular basis for interesting thoughts and the like. The handmade book is on indefinite hiatus until I can find some suitable glue for adhering suede to thick cardboard. I'll be using this item as a prop for a Steampunk costume which is currently in creation at the moment. I need to find some suitable goggles to modify in order to finish off the costume. I've modified, what no self-respecting steam-punker should be without ... my trusty Nerf Maverick (photos to come in a later post). The goal of the costume is to have fun creating it, and then to find a convention to attend (or something of the like) with a miniatures group that I'm involved with in Anaheim. That's probably long enough of an update. Take care.