Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Beginning the Year Strong 87 Assembled

I actually got a good chunk of time over the holiday's to assemble a good deal of miniatures for my samurai army. They are Wargames Factory Plastics by the way. Here is the first major update as what I have assembled to date.

Assembled But Unpainted

Archers (15)
Arrow Carriers (2)
Taiko Drummer (2)
Taiko Drum Carrier (2)
Banner Bearer (2)
Lead Commander with Saihai (command stick) (2)
Samurai with Spear (15)
Samurai with Katana (16)
Tai Commanders (4)
Horagi (Conch) Unit (2)
Ashirigu with Yari (25)

I'll see what I can get done in the coming months as my master's courses have begun back up again. 87 out of 225 assembled is good for a starting point. My New Year's resolution is to get them assembled and painted at least by years end. If I get them assembled and painted sooner, I'd like to get in some games with them. So far I'm thinking of either the Taiko! rules or the Killer Katanas II rules set.

In Taiko! its 1 figure = 50 men
In Killer Katanas II its 1 figure =120-300 men (According to an internet search, as my rules are currently on their way).
If KK2 scale is as claimed, then I look forward to being able to do a historical battle of about 33,000 men on a side. Should prove interesting. Although at the Taiko! scale I can do roughly one-third of at at 11,000. I could always fudge the scales later. At roughly 100 figures a side it will be a decently sized battle.

Until Next Time,
Have a Good Battle!