Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Latest Photograph: Ghost 109E

Another photograph taken at the Chino Air Museum. That place is amazing if you are into miniatures to see some of the different paint schemes which could be used for Check Your Six. It's also amazing if you are just a fan of airplanes or World War II in general. This is a manipulation of the BF-109E which is awaiting restoration in the museum. It was a very fun manipulation to do, I've now learned what I can do with RAW files. It makes it a lot easier to balance the final image. I have more control over the final result by shooting in RAW.
I have not yet gotten out to see one of their air shows. But if I ever get the opportunity, I would not hesitate to see one.

Ghost 109E by IntermissionNexus on deviantART

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Photography

Hello again readers,

This post will have little to do with actual miniatures as the past ones have been, but don't despair it does relate somehow. It will rather feature two military plane photos which I have for sale as prints.

Photography is one of my loves just like miniatures and painting them. I thought I'd link to my deviantart page where you can find wonderful prints such as those pictured below. There will be more photos coming in the future. That will now be where I will maintain my photography.

Storm Crusader by IntermissionNexus

Cadillac of the Skies by IntermissionNexus

Heart of Fire by IntermissionNexus

The link to it is

If you feel so inclined and would like one of these pieces hanging on your wall, you can purchase prints of these off of my deviantart site. Watches and faves on deviantart are appreciated as well.

Thank you
Kevin Meeks