Saturday, July 5, 2014


It feels like eons since I've posted anything. After taking a recent break from painting miniatures, I've decided to get back to it. I got to play in a Check Your Six! game at the HMGS Spring Convention back in June. It was a great time. I returned home with some Wargames Factory Persians which I won in the raffle, and a model of a T34-85 by Revel which will be a future project at some point.

You may be wondering where is it that I paint these miniatures, what does his work area look like? In this post I'll give you a tour of my workbench. Please keep all your arms and legs inside the vehicle, and we'll proceed.

It's a simple workbench out in my garage where all the magic happens. On the left of the bench is a shoebox to hold the Tamiya paint pots. On top of that box (but not in the picture) is a smaller box that I use to hold the I-94 decals for the Check Your Six! aircraft.

The cutting boards are versatile items for painting, cutting, and gluing miniatures. It helps protect the table underneath. What I currently working on are planes for the miniatures game Crimson Skies. An air game set in an alternate 1930's America.
Now we come to the right side of the workspace in this tour. This is lead-mountain, the file-trays and bags next to them. Various unpainted figures and WW2 aircraft for future projects. Mostly my unpainted German and Japanese. A cup to hold the brushes, and a clock for me to watch as time passes by.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my workbench. Some of my future plans include building a shelf above the clock, paralleling the bench. This would give me additional room to hold some Vallejo paints, and they'd be easy to reach.

Until next time. May the skies be full of critical hits!