Saturday, May 28, 2016

Samurai Status Currently

Hi everyone!
This post is to inform where I am currently at in the samurai progress. I didn't have too much progress earlier in the year because I was finishing my masters at DeVry. Although now that that is complete I am enjoying getting time to work on painting some more miniatures. I look forward to getting more painting done over this Memorial Day break.

If I field the units in 4-figure infantry units and 2-figure cavalry units. Then these are the strengths of the forces currently.

Takeda Force (78 figures finished)
5 Samurai units (20 figures)
8 Calvary units (16 figures)
5 Ashigaru units (20 figures)
5.5 Archer units (22 figures)

Tokugawa/ Oda Force (88 figures finished)
5.5 Samurai units (22 figures)
8 Calvary units (16 figures)
5 Ashigaru units (20 figures)
7.5 Archer units (30 figures)

This is at least enough to start testing some different rules out with the figures. The figures are all based individually on metal bases of 1''x1'' for infantry and 1''x2'' for calvary. Then when I form up a unit, I'll cut magnetic vinyl to make the bases act as a whole unit. This will give the flexibility to use the figures for skirmish games such as Ronin, without having to have two separate armies. It was nice to see that Warlord Games will be releasing the Wargames Factory Samurai under the Pike & Shotte line of figures. At least if I need to flesh out the armies more, I can still do so.

And now for pictures (the whole reason you are here reading this post), I finally own a macro lens and look forward to using it the next time my gaming buddies set up a game, these are tests to see how the lens works on small objects such as miniatures. It is safe to say that I like the results I get from the lens. I can't wait to see the sea of banners on the gaming table, once I get all the figures finished. The back banners were one the main draw to this era for me. Eventually, I'll have to do some tests to figure out what I can realistically field on whatever size table I wind up using for the battle of Mikatagahara. Although my next step will probably be to push some of the units around on an empty table to learn the ruleset before attempting this undertaking.

I decided to paint these four Takeda calvary like the four horsemen of the apocalypse

Takeda Ashiragu

Takeda Shingen troops

Takeda Archers

Nobunaga Archers

Tokugawa Troops

Tokugawa and Nobunaga Troops

Nobunaga Ashiragu

Tokugawa and Nobunaga

Tokugawa Archers

Tokugawa and Nobunaga Troops

Here are shots of the group as a whole in the boxes which I store them in currently.

Have a great battle.

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  1. My word that is an impressive collection, bravo Sir.