Monday, August 1, 2016

Miniature Monday's: Into The Grey!

Hi All,

Another issue of Miniature Monday is coming your way!

I might be bouncing around between lots of different eras in the near future. This is due to my Confederate troops arriving for the ACW. They are 18mm Blue Moon castings. This is also my first time going smaller than 28mm for figures. I also want to start painting more Persians, as right now my nearly finished Greeks outnumber the finished Persians. Although a number of Persians have been assembled and attached to bases, just awaiting paint. It will soon be time to tip the scales more in the Persians favor. This will push the Saxon figures further back into probably next year sometime. Unless I burn out and want to paint something different.

I think I've realized that I really do enjoy the painting process more than actually getting games in with the miniatures. Because I find it is easier to find time in the evenings and weekends in which to prep and paint miniatures, but it is harder to get my gaming friends to agree on a time and place to actually set up a game. Although I feel that this is a commonality amongst miniature gamers.

Here are some photos of the American Civil War figures which are prepped, mounted to craft sticks, and primed. Now all that is left is to paint them and base them. The frightening thing is that it is just a portion of the entire force, I've not begun prep on any of the artillery, artillerists, cavalry, or commanders yet. And there is still more infantry to base. I think it's around 800 figures for the Gettysburg force, and in total I think it's over 1,000 castings.


Kevin Meeks

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