Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's All Greek To Me!

Hi All,

This is another one of my semi-annual blog posts. I had been working on different eras of troops for a while and now decided to finish some of the Greeks which had been sitting un-based for quite awhile. The unfinished figures were sitting there leering at me to finish them, and eventually I caved into their demands.

I have primed another swath of both Persians and Greeks, which means in the future I'll have to finish more of the Persians to give the Greeks something to fight against. The decals were printed on a photo printer on the water transfer decal paper. It did cause the ink to deteriorate, even after the sealer layer was applied. The battle damage on the shields was applied with a metal file, this is another reason I like plastic figures. But I got to where I liked the worn look on the decals, especially on some of the Spartans. They still need a layer of dull coat, but I thought that they were "finished enough" to be photographed.

I tried getting some photos of my civil war figures, but decided to wait on photos until they are based and blackwashed, as the photos came out looking too flat for them. But so far I have painted up about seven regiments of figures for the south. I have 1 regiment of the Louisiana Tigers done, the striped pants were difficult to do but very rewarding in the end.

The Spaaaaartans!!!

More Greeks

The First Persian Unit.
Mostly what I do is paint, although occasionally I do get in a game on the tabletop. Shocking, I know. Here are some photos from a recent Check Your Six! game that I played with my gaming group. The Japanese camouflage on the Sally's were fun to paint. In this particular encounter, the bombers are trying to inflict as many hits as possible on the airfield, while the American P-40's are trying to defend it and shoot down as many of the bombers as possible. The US planes are my dad's work, while the Japanese planes are mine. We've divided the forces up, so he is painting mainly the Allies, while I paint the Axis.

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